Peter and Audrey met, fell in love, and a dream was started. They saw a need for affordable and dependable online training and began developing safe and effective programs that not only work, but are supported by a dependable team. Audrey personally experienced bunk trainers and literal con-artists that hide behind the facade of real training. Peter learned everything from scratch and has yet to ever hire a trainer in his 15 years in the sport of bodybuilding. In 2011 Audrey was suffering metabolic damage from some of that misguided training. She personally overcame the condition and has made it her goal to see that none of her clients suffer the same fate. Her work ethics always remain the same rain or shine with dependability being her #1 priority. Peter took the reins and is the sole developer of the Alpha Alliance brand. Cookbooks, photo art, and apparel are all designed and created from his love, passion, and vision for the sport. Peter puts the lifestyle in the Alpha alliance brand. Together Peter and Audrey are a loving couple that love their business and show that love through their programs and work ethic. They treat their clients as they wish to be treated and that is what makes Alpha Alliance the company that it is today.