Audrey's Apothecary

The stray from nature these days is an expected part of the fitness industry. Why in our pursuit for health and longevity must we ingest manufactured chemicals on a daily basis? Even products stating the simplest of ingredients have been manufactured beyond recognition. They are processed to be bottled and packaged then sold at a ridiculous mark up! The true herbal nature of supplements has been lost in the process along with its original earth given power. Where is the health in that?

FDA regulations do not cover most of our sports supplements and lying about independent studies is just an accepted sales tactic. The money goes to flashy packaging and photo shopped fit model endorsements, not to preserving your body's longevity. How many times has the phrase “proprietary blend” been used without a true explanation of what is in said blend. Big sales words, empty promises and flashy packages will not get you results. True health comes from dedication to a training protocol, and ingesting foods and herbs that support your health choices.

Audrey's Apothecary is designed to provide the most natural support to any person's fitness journey. We will provide you with herbal products on the simplest and rawest level. These products can be used as a stand alone or together in your supplement protocol. From fat loss to competition prep, we will strive to keep the balance and harmony within your body so that you are not just making progress for one time in your journey, but keeping the results for your whole life. A supplement protocol that will not cost you a fortune in your wallet or compromise the integrity of your natural health.