Alpha Alliance plans

training guides come with training instructions, abdominal plan, and step by step instructions to your workouts. Alpha packages are the training guides plus diet guide and personalized online training support. Online training support includes unlimited emails to us and weekly picture analysis to assist in tweaks to your diet and/or workouts. The Step on Stage Package is a purely customized 12 week plan, tailored to your body type and history. It comes complete with training instructions, abdominal plan, workout plan, diet guide, and online training. Currently we are only accepting men and women's physique, figure, and bikini clients.

Alpha packages are the training guides plus diet guide and unlimited personalized online training support. 

training guides come with training instructions, abdominal plan, and step by step workout instructions.


The Lovely Lady Standard plan is a customized approach to get your metabolism working for you. Split in 2 phases this provides you the time to master the first phase before progressing. This is not instant results or a fad diet. The diet is designed to change your body composition while leaning you out. Let us make you feel like a Lovely Lady.


Designed as a 12 week intensive fat destruction plan. Not suggested for first time dieters, this plan attacks your fat from all angles while toning up those Lovely Lady muscles!


Whether you want to gain muscle to get on stage, add the proper curves to your body, enhance your sports performance or just get empowered, the strong lady plan is designed to build muscle in a lean mean manner. Here at Alpha Alliance we do not believe females have to “bulk” there is a more intelligent way to manage your calories and optimize your workouts. Lets get strong Lady!

The Lovely Lady Home Edition is designed for those ladies seeking to start personal transformation in the comfort and privacy of their own home, or for those ladies who are currently unable to attend a gym. Requires minimal equipment and provides step by step instructions, complete with picture guides on how to execute every movement. Plan comes complete with personalized diet, abdominal plan, and 6 weeks of online support for any questions or concerns. This is the ideal plan for beginner ladies that want to start feeling like a Lovely Lady!


Which mister does not want to be a bigger Mister? Through our balanced diet and workout plan lets put some quality gains on your frame. The natural anabolic approach to our plan provides your system with enough nutrients to power the workouts we provide you, heal you, and get you ready to put more muscle under that gym shirt. This is not a lean plan, but also we do not encourage dirty bulking. We at Alpha Alliance feel that muscle put on the proper way without all the junk lasts and functions above results from normal dirty bulks.


This is the lean version of the Big Mister plan for those men looking to change their body composition. Lean out and gain muscle at the same time, its a win win!


The Build me a Booty program is designed for those needing more work in the glute and hamstring areas. 10 cycles of a 9 day split we will center upon bringing up and out your glutes and hamstrings. Whether you are lagging or just want to improve and tighten your backside we have the plan that matches in intensity and variety. Employing a combination of mass building plus conditioning and coupled with a lean diet personalized for you, we will work together to get you the results you want when it comes to your glute and hamstring needs. Also included are supplemental workouts for the rest of your muscle groups so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your total body needs. And as always with the Alpha Alliance packages your plan comes with total unlimited email support and picture analysis.

The Fat Assassin Plan targets fat loss on the EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) principal, informally called afterburn. We get you moving and stimulating your muscles in a short and effective amount of time leaving your post workout rest to do all the fat burning work! Hormone balancing, better replenishment of fuel stores, cellular repair, innervation and anabolism are just some of the benefits of this fat destroying plan. Arranged in an all inclusive 8 week 2 part plan and coupled with a personalized diet this is your go to tool to start your fat loss journey. Just to make the deal that much sweeter we are throwing in our Alpha Cookbook "You Don't have to Cheat to Eat" absolutely FREE!

Lets face it being grown up is VERY time consuming! Work, family, pets, hobbies, house, kids and all the rest of the amazing parts of our lives take up a lot of time and energy! We know you don't have time for an hour and a half of lifting then cardio. But that does not mean you have to sacrifice your body goals first to make everything else happen. Our Out of Time plan consists of 4 fat blasting, muscle pumping workouts designed to fit your schedule, and we throw in a 5th core workout just to make sure you are hitting everything you need to accomplish your goals. And as usual it comes with all the classic Alpha Packages perks and services such as weekly picture check ins and personalized diet. We know you are running a tight schedule, let us take the guesswork out of your gym and make it count!

Alpha Burn was created for those that need a jump start to their fat loss program or have found themselves trapped in a plateau just out of reach of their goals! Your personalized diet is combined with our patented Alpha Burner organic fat burning and recovery supplement making this plan the best way to start getting those results you want FAST!


Run solely by IFBB Pro Audrey Presson lets get you on that stage! This 12 week program is custom designed for your stage preparation. Stage prep is not easy and you should not go at it alone. Under $30 a week you can not find a better deal to provide you with the tools to bring your body in for your shining moment.

Here at Alpha Alliance we are all about taking you to the next level, and due to the demand for continued training past the Alpha Packages we are now offering our Alpha Graduate Program. This program is purely customized for the Alpha that has graduated both phases of their chosen Alpha Packs and wants to take their results to the next level. All the perks will still be offered the same as with the Alpha Packs but the workouts will vary depending on the individual and their expressed goals. The graduate program is 10 weeks and will have workouts catered to more growth on a more personal level i.e. not everybody gets the same chest workout, some don't even do chest alone, will be mixed up a lot more than with the standard Alpha Packages. The diet will be also customized and geared towards nutritional functionality for the expressed body goals. All in all the Graduate Program is for the dedicated and experienced Alpha that is still wanting to take their transformation that one step further.