Anthony Sims – Big Mister with Lean Bulk

Alpha Alliance Training is the best training program for your dollar out there!  I am 3 weeks into the Big Mister Lean Phase 1 and I am feeling great and seeing results.  I am a Results Oriented person so when I saw the transformation that my friend achieved after completing 2 phases I was in.  I have never been on a workout program/meal plan that I wasn't starving and dreaming about food the entire time........This program is not like that at all.....and in fact I felt like I was forcing myself to eat the 1st 10 days!  Audrey & Peter are super helpful and are there to answer any questions when you have them and they cater the program to your specific goals.  The workout program is really efficienct and the accountability of this program is awesome as well.  Having to send in pics for them to review weekly really keeps you honest as to how you have been approaching the program.  There is no sucking in the back fat pics!  I can't wait to see the results at week 6 and 12.  I would recommend.....and have recommended this program to anyone that will listen! #alphapack #giddyup #rebootingmymetabolism

Anthony S

Michelle Cupples – Strong Lady 1 and 2 and Graduate Programs

      I decided to contact Alpha Alliance when I saw great results from a friend who was using them. I have always worked out but was having minimal results based on my diet. Audrey set me up with a great program with plenty of food choices that I liked and could stick to. The workouts are easy to follow and I never found myself hungry. I have gotten great support from them and always get immediate response from my emails. If you are looking for trainers who  know what they are doing and guide you in a safe and healthy way, Alpha Alliance is who you need. I have seen a huge transformation in my body and I'm so happy I found them! 

Sarah Daughtery – Strong Lady Lean Bulk
 Phase 1

 I started my plan with alpha alliance on  5/8/13.  I started the strong lady phase 1 because I wanted to build lean muscle with out gaining fat.  My metabolism was in really bad shape from years of calorie restriction.  Audrey took this into consideration along with my lacto-ovo vegetarian picky-ness.  Audrey encouraged me to do my best at fowling the meal plan she gave me, and in doing so I would have more energy all day and more energy durning my lifts.  She was spot on!  My energy levels have increased tremendously and my lifts Leto getting better!!!!!  My fiancé even noticed a difference in me.  I am less cranky and moody.  It has only been 2 weeks since the start of my program but I already feel progress!  I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to check out alpha alliance! Weather your goals are to lose weight/fat or gain muscle Audrey and Peter are your answer!

Phase 2: Strong Lady

I have now moved up to my second phase of training with Audrey at Alpha Alliance! I have made INCREDIBLE progress in the past 7 weeks. I've gained nearly 3 pounds of lean muscle, and cut out fat! 
As a young adult female I struggled with disordered eating for years, I was spinning my wheels furiously with little to no results. Falling deeper into this vicious cycle! I mustered up the courage to contact Audrey about her Alpha packages. In my mind I never thought I was going to be able to afford a package, much less succeed. To my surprise all of the Alpha Alliance packages were totally affordable!!!!! 
In the past 7 weeks I have become the healthiest I could possibly be, mentally, emotionally and physically! Audrey treats every client like a friend, not a number. I COULDN'T have done this transformation or be happier with out Audrey and Alpha Alliance! 

Sarah D

Alya Morgan – Step on Stage

As an Alpha Alliance competitor, I love the new approach for a lifestyle vs. A diet. Fuelling my muscles and never being hungry or tempted to cheat. Communication is easy and frequent. I feel like part of a family installed of a number. Grateful to be an Alpha!!

Alya M

Craig Morgan – Big Mister

Since becoming an Alpha Alliance client I have seen excellent progress both in the gym and out. I have a new physique that I am proud of with increased energy to boot. I love being an Alpha!!

Craig M

Alya And Craig as a couple

As an Alpha Alliance couple, we are enjoying a plan that pushes us and brings us together. With the support of our new Alpha family we are a healthier, happier couple.
The Morgan's

Deanna Kutz – Strong Lady with Lean Bulk

FANTABULOUS ~ is how I would describe my experience with Alpha Alliance.  My body has made some incredible changes just in 4 short weeks with great muscle development and leanness. The personal attention you get each week from Audrey and Peter makes being accountable so much easier. The food plans are phenomenal with choices instead of set meals with the same foods.  You are not just a number with Alpha Alliance you are a person. Truly feels amazing to be with a team who BELIEVES in me and my goals. 

Deanna K

Tim Aslin – Big Mister

I started my training with Audrey at Alpha Alliance this year and within two weeks was seeing considerable changes.  I went in already knowing quite a lot about fitness, but the depth of knowledge that Audrey possesses is second to none. Whether it be minor tweaks to the diet or major adjustments in the gym, she has been consistently available and motivational whenever I needed something.  What I like the most about the team at Alpha is the personal attention given to you as a member in order achieve your specific fitness goals.  If you stick to the program, follow the guidance that Audrey and Peter give you, and you go hard, I'm convinced you will see results faster than you could have expected.  These two know what they're doing, and they are there to get you where you want to be.

Tim A

Serena Floyd – Lovely Lady Extreme

I was introduced to alpha alliance through a good friend at work while discussing my fitness goals and how one day I aspire to walk on stage and do a fitness competition. After browsing the web site and hearing about all the good things alpha alliance has to offer,I decided to take the next step in my fitness journey. This plan has exceeded all my expectations and has taught me so much about nutrition and fitness. It has taken everything  I THOUGHT I knew, and turned it on its head. The best part of it all, is  I have an abundance of information at my disposal that is just an e-mail away! Any questions or concerns I have get answered right away followed by inspiration and encouraging words. The weekly progress pictures also hold me accountable to stay on track and help motivate me to push forward each week to achieve my fitness goals. It's true what they say, A picture speaks a thousand words! If you are hesitant in trying something new, I challenge you to try this program for 6 weeks and I promise you, once you get a taste of it you'll be hooked! Take it from me...the proof is in the pudding ;)
Serena F

Jessica McCarthy – Strong Lady with Lean Bulk

I started training with Alpha Alliance almost 3 weeks ago and have already seen significant changes to my body! I took “Before” pictures and have been taking weekly progress pictures and the results show! Not only have the results been awesome, but so have Audrey and Peter. They answer your questions very quickly, usually the same day, and are very supportive and motivating. The personal attention they give me is very important and keeps me accountable. The diet is tailored to your individual needs and goals and they give you plenty of food choices to keep it realistic and flexible. The training guide comes with detailed instructions on how to correctly perform each move so it’s very easy to follow. Alpha Alliance gives you everything you need to be successful and the entire Alpha Team supports you every step of the way! I am excited to see what changes are ahead of me! 
Jessica M