Why should you choose an online trainer?

First off online trainers are less than a fraction of the cost of a in gym trainer. In gym trainers cost as much for 3 sessions as we charge for 6 continuous weeks. Your online trainer is there every minute of the working day to answer your fitness and diet related questions where as an in gym trainer is only there for that hour you pay for, and that is it. With today's technologies we can be reached virtually everywhere, our emails, and messengers are on our phones, we love questions and are eager to point you in the right direction. Online training and diets are developed so that you can make it fit into your schedule, not the in gym trainer's schedule. You are working out at your best times, not whatever time is available. Do not get us wrong we are both in gym trainers as well but we understand how hard it is when a person works and has family and now has to schedule whatever time is available for training on top of all that! You are provided with 6 weeks of a good routine and diet, and we are there to tailor the plan, if need be, to optimize your success. Last, online trainers add a personal touch to your journey. We are there to read the long and short emails, the need for daily motivation, we are there on the days you are not at your best and there to praise you when you are on top of your game. We are there for all aspects of your fitness journey, physical, emotional, nutritional, mental. We have experience in being online clients, we have experience in our own personal journeys, we are eager to see you complete your own.

Let Alpha Alliance be your online training haven.