Tips on working the online training program

  • Communication is vital, respond to the emails, even if it is 1 sentence. This lets us know how the program is feeling for you how we can help.

  • Honesty. Ok you cheated on your diet. It is not the end of the world. If you are honest with us and open we can work out whatever drove you to falter. After all we are all humans, flawed and built to fail and succeed.

  • If you do not like something tell us. If there is an exercise, a time constraint, a dislike within the program let us know. We know tons of tweaks and tricks to get you something more satisfying.

  • Do not hide. A lot of people feel the need to hide from their trainers if they have not been giving the program their personal best. We are absolutely not here to judge, we are here to help. This is a program and we are there to work it with you, not work it on you.

  • Pictures – pick one place and one distance from the camera to you and consistently take it that way. Pictures need to be consistent for us to gauge progress. Lighting and angle and camera distance play a role in how the pictures look to us. For the most part we can see what we need to see but it helps your plan a lot if pictures are taken in a consistent manner.

  • The program will work for you as much as you work it with us. We do not know what is going on over where you are. We only know what you tell us. If you tell us nothing, we know nothing. We have the program and the guidelines but every human is unique. The more you work with us the more we can do for you. This is especially vital for those wanting custom programs such as the Step on Stage. We can not build something custom from no information.

  • Be optimistic! Good change takes time. I always say it takes 3 weeks of consistency to see a difference when I am dieting myself! Falling into a negative thinking pattern is a gateway to cheating on your diet, not pushing in your workouts, and hiding from your trainer. If you remain optimistic and positive your body will respond, I know this as a fact. You mind is POWERFUL, you hands are tools for that power, make it positive power!