In 2009 I was overweight. Like many women I had a child and the baby weight did not come off or stay off. It was depressing to me, it affected the quality of my life. And looking back my life was not so quality either. I joined a boot camp and the seed was planted. During the years of 2010 to 2012 I was experiencing a really bad time. Rather than bend back to what I was doing in my 20's I reached forward and picked up the heavy weights. I got inspired. I wanted to feel good, look good, be strong, and in control of my body. I worked very hard, had some amazing trainers, I failed, I tested, I over thought, I underestimated, I did it all! In 2012 I earned my Physique Pro Card at Nationals in Atlanta, it was a humbling experience. I know the struggles for women that are not naturally lean. I realize life is hard and quick and we have to juggle jobs, kids, and spouses. And I know life is not perfect. I have been there. One of my first goals in my bio on, back when I first got inspired, was to earn my pro card and share the knowledge I have learned with others. Let me realize my dream with you.
IFBB Pro Audrey Presson