Anyone who has tried to lose weight has probably tried a fat burner. And anyone who has tried a fat burner has come face to face with many of their undesirable and limited effects such as the jitters, anxiety, upset stomach, and the awful crash. This is because they are loaded with harsh unnatural manufactured stimulants that do more harm than good, destroying only your appetite all the while frying your nervous system. When we set out to create Alpha Burn we wanted to make sure that our formula did more than just suppress appetite, we wanted to make a total fat loss support formula. Here are the ingredients and what they do:

Magnolia Bark: Cortisol control and mood enhancer it is especially good at aiding to control nervous eating. Supports healthy levels of acetylcholine in the brain which aids in healthy brain functioning. Sarsaparilla Root: Contains laxogen the non hormonal anabolic used in natural bodybuilding. Aids in muscle building, muscle endurance, and recovery time. Supports a healthy hormone balance.

Guarana: Promotes increased metabolic activity, energy and appetite suppression.

Kola Nut: Natural source of caffeine, aids in stimulation without the crash.

Cayenne: Natural fat burner, aids in digestive health, metabolic stimulant, anti-inflammatory and natural pain killer.